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Independent Sales Rep - Hereditary Cancer Screening (CGX) Pharmacogenomics (PGX) Male and Female Health & Wellness, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) Hematology (Blood & Chemistry) Toxicology (Drug Screening) Plus Much More.

MoLab Testing Services Greater Memphis Area

Income: Commissioned Based $10,000 to $50,000 Monthly

Employment Type: Independent Distributor

Physician Call Points: Primarily Dermatologist, Urology, OB/GYNs, Oncology, Internal Med, Behavioral Health, Cardiology, and PCPs. Secondary Markets include Wellness Clinics and Chiropractors.

MoLab Testing Services is a Memphis based Medical Sales, Marketing, and Company. Our goal is to make a difference in patient’s lives through discovery and commercialization of transformative molecular diagnostic products which assess a person’s risk of developing diseases. This information may then guide treatment decisions and assess risk of disease progression and recurrence. We believe in improving the healthcare management of patients by providing physicians and patients with critical information across multiple medical specialties that addresses unmet medical needs. We offer a complete line of medical and laboratory products & services such as Pharmacogenomics (PGX), Hereditary Cancer Test (CGX), Health & Wellness, Allergy Testing, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Toxicology, Hematology, and more. Our program is designed to help patients identify if they are at risk of developing cancer, urinary tract infections, having adverse reactions to certain medications, drug screening, if they are carrying a genetic mutation that can cause their children to be born with a hereditary risk of deficiencies, and my more diagnostic evaluations.

Job Description and Responsibilities: Responsibilities include but are not limited to Promoting Health & Wellness, Blood & Urine, Cancer Risk and PGX testing to physician offices, and other healthcare facilities. Assisting offices in the screening of appropriate patients, facilitating and driving the use of our products and generation of revenue. The Independent Sales Consultant will sell physicians on the value of genetic testing and educate these physician's practices to identify high-risk patients that may qualify for the test. The Independent Sales Consultant will also provide adequate patient education, which may include genetic counseling that will enable the office to offer cancer risk assessment services on-site.

Physician Call Points: Primarily Dermatologist, Urology, OB/GYNs, Oncology, Internal Med, Behavioral Health, Cardiology, and PCPs. Secondary Markets include Wellness Clinics and Chiropractors. A solid network of physician relationships is highly desired, but not required. Healthcare Field experience is highly desired for this role, including Pharma, Medical Device and Lab sales experience. Retired Doctors and Nurses also have the background and knowledge to be successful at this opportunity. Independent Sales Representatives can work part-time or full-time, but a minimum of 15 hours per weeks is required to achieve success in most situations. 1099 sales representatives can add our services to the current mix of products being sold to their doctors.

Compensation: If you currently have relationships with Healthcare Providers, significant six-figure compensation is likely and expected, and can be achieved within several months of joining our team. As an Independent Sales Consultant, our compensation plan allows you to increase your income through a tiered performance-based plan. We are aggressively rewarding hard work and execution with unlimited earning potential (no cap). While individual income can vary, monthly income of $10,000 to $50,000 or more is achievable. Our compensation plan is very aggressive and market competitive to enable such income levels. Success in this business is based on the sales representative’s ability to transition business through their existing contacts and is more difficult, but not impossible for individuals who do not have experience in Medical Field. Please only respond if you have experience in the Medical Field.

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